Olive Oil Soaps

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Olive Oil Soaps that are naturally better

The Bath & Bliss story started with Olive Oil Soap. It was the first product we ever made—and Olive Oil Soap remains as important to our family now as it was a decade ago. Today, Bath & Bliss offers more than 20 varieties of Olive Oil Soaps, including several popular seasonal products. All of our Olive Oil Soaps are handcrafted with the same high-quality base ingredients, before we add the essential oils and natural exfoliants that make each of our bars unique.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re made of

When we say that Bath & Bliss Olive Oil Soaps are “raising the bar,” we mean it. We use the time-tested, cold-process soap making method for handcrafting each bar of our Olive Oil Soaps. You’ll notice right away that all of our Olive Oil Soaps provide a rich, creamy lather—and because of their density—last approximately twice as long as a traditional bar of soap. Bath & Bliss Olive Oil Soaps are remarkable moisturizers thanks to a superior combination of olive oil, organic palm oil and coconut oil. We are especially proud that our natural Olive Oil Soaps are crafted with only the highest quality ingredients, in higher concentrations than other soaps, resulting in natural scents that linger long after others fade away. Plus, many of our Olive Oil Soaps contain essential oils that are widely known as “nature’s cures” for conditions such as migraine headaches, acne and dry skin.

Olive Oil Soap ingredients

Olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, lye (distilled water, sodium hydroxide), essential oil or fragrance oil (varies by product), may or may not contain an exfoliant (varies by product)