Blizzard Olive Oil Soap

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Being from Buffalo, we know a thing or two about blizzards. And being from Bath & Bliss, we know how to fight off winter aches and pains, too. That’s why we created our Blizzard Olive Oil Soap.

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Made with eucalyptus, camphor, and spearmint, Blizzard Soap is the coolest way to go head-to-head against winter! Camphor oil is used by sports medicine doctors and chiropractors to help alleviate muscle pains, while spearmint and eucalyptus have been used as nature’s cures since the time of the Romans to help alleviate chest congestion and sinus headaches. So if you have muscle aches, sinus headaches or even if you’re looking for a fresh, invigorating scent to help you beat the winter blues, we’re forecasting Blizzard Soap will be your favorite.

Blizzard Olive Oil Soap contains the following special ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Camphor oil
  • Spearmint oil
  • Olive oil
  • Organic sustainable palm oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Apricot kernel oil

“It was 2:40 in the afternoon. I looked outside but couldn’t see very far. The snow had been falling at an incredible rate. My school was just 11 miles away, but it took me, and three of my friends, six hours to make it home. My father, Mark, was stuck overnight on the highway, forced to sleep in his car. My sister, Kristin was stuck at work. The city of Buffalo was receiving its second Boxedst snowfall ever recorded. The media would call it The Great Snowfall of 2001. We just called it another winter in Buffalo.” – Ryan

1 review for Blizzard Olive Oil Soap

  1. Marcia Welsh

    I just bought this bar at Penn’s Colony Festival in PA yesterday so I haven’t used it yet! But I am rating the Blizzard 5 stars for fragrance and memories! According to the gentleman I spoke with, the original idea for this bar came from Buffalo’s Blizzard of ’77! My husband and I lived in Cheektowaga during that blizzard! Although we now live in Pittsburgh, and we do not get the Buffalo blizzards here, I am sure we will benefit from this bar’s comfort for our winter aches and pains! Thank you for a fun visit!

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