Seaweed Scrub Olive Oil Soap


Dive into a unique kind of clean with Bath & Bliss Seaweed Scrub Soap. Japanese Seaweed is typically eaten in Japanese cuisine, providing valuable nutrients to the body. It has also been used to strengthen the circulatory system and lower cholesterol.

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Bath and Bliss has added this nutritive seaweed to our Seaweed Scrub Soap to provide a gentle exfoliation that renews your skin with every use. Our Seaweed Scrub Olive Oil Soap also has a subtle, herbal scent that is universally appealing for both men and women. It’s no wonder that seaweed products—including Bath & Bliss Seaweed Scrub—are gaining popularity in the beauty world.

Seaweed Scrub Olive Oil Soap contains the following special ingredients:

  • Camphor essential oil
  • Japanese seaweed
  • Olive oil
  • Organic sustainable palm oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Apricot kernel oil

“Seaweed is being used more and more in high-end beauty products because if its conditioning, hydrating and nourishing properties. We decided to give real Japanese Seaweed a try in our Bath & Bliss Seaweed Scrub Olive Oil Soap and we loved the results. The gentle exfoliation of our Seaweed Scrub Soap is perfect for anyone suffering from dry skin. Your skin with thank you for it.” -Diane


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