Tea Tree Olive Oil Soap


Customers who use Bath & Bliss Tea Tree Soap describe it as having an invigorating herbal scent similar to eucalyptus, menthol or camphor. Our Tea Tree Soap is a true medicinal soap with many skin benefits.

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Tea Tree Olive Oil Soap is great for cleansing and shaving and it has valuable healing properties as well. A product of the Australian melaleuca plant, Tea Tree oil is widely know as a natural antiviral and antifungal agent that can help to heal the skin. Tea Tree Soap can be used to treat everything from acne to athlete’s foot.

Tea Tree Olive Oil Soap contains the following special ingredients:

  • Tea Tree essential oil
  • Olive oil
  • Organic sustainable palm oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Apricot kernel oil

“At Bath & Bliss, we are always looking for ways to bring health and healing to your home. With the recent trend toward finding more natural and homeopathic treatments, Tea Tree oil is in the spotlight, showing up in a variety of products from shampoo and deodorant to toothpaste and acne medicine. We wanted our customers to enjoy the natural antibacterial benefits and skin-healing properties of this wonderful essential oil in our Tea Tree Soap.” – Ryan


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