Vanilla & Oatmeal Olive Oil Soap


Bath & Bliss Best SellerThere’s no such thing as plain vanilla when it comes to our unforgettable Vanilla & Oatmeal Soap.

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Everyone adores the warm and inviting scent of real vanilla. Plus, our Vanilla & Oatmeal Olive Oil Soap pairs this delightful fragrance with the gentle, exfoliating properties of ground oatmeal for a bar that is beloved by fans of Bath & Bliss. As an antioxidant, Vanilla neutralizes free radicals and protects the body from wear and tear, and infections. Vanilla is also known for relaxation—something we can all use a little more of! When you add in the oatmeal for exfoliation, it’s no wonder our Vanilla & Oatmeal Olive Oil Soap is one of our best-selling soaps, year after year.

Vanilla & Oatmeal Olive Oil Soap contains the following special ingredients:

  • Vanilla buttery fragrance oil
  • Ground oatmeal
  • Organic sustainable palm oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Apricot kernel oil

“Whether it’s for baking or bathing, there are so many people who can’t get enough of vanilla. It’s one of those classic scents that no product line would be complete without. We love the combination of Vanilla & Oatmeal—both as a fragrance and as a soap. Our Vanilla & Oatmeal Soap is sure to make your skin silky and smooth. But we should probably warn you that it might make you a little bit hungry for some baked goods, too!” – Keri


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